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Assembly instructions
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Meeting the requirements of the European Directive

We can write (in French) assembly instructions, user manuals and training materials for all types of equipment: agri-food, machines, tools, industrial equipment, etc.
Technical material that come with machinery must make it possible to safely install, use, maintain and repair the equipment purchased. The European machinery directive also states that the documents must be translated into the language of the country of destination.
We can also help manufacturers who do not have an in-house editor to produce original technical documentation (in French) and then translate it. Our editors are able to work closely with R&D, quality, customer service and marketing departments in order to write, illustrate and format all the data needed to learn how to use the equipment.

A user-friendly approach to boost your brand image

Professional-quality technical documentation enhances your brand image. The user quickly finds the information he or she needs and makes better use of the machinery. Eventually, you will benefit from this autonomy and develop your sales.
Outsourcing technical writing allows manufacturers to focus on their core business while achieving better results on the use of their products: the number of calls to the customer service department often drops when documentation is put together by a professional editor based on a user-friendly and more educational approach.

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Clear and efficient technical documentation

We are here to help write clear and explicit content adapted to your target audience. This not only allows machine-operators to have a good understanding of how the machine works, but also achieve an optimal translation.
Our services include summarizing and organizing data in compliance with European standards, managing databases and updating documentation. We can also work from existing documents or start from scratch.

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    User manuals
    Quick start guides
    Maintenance manuals
    Assembly instructions
    Technical data sheets
    Multilingual documentation
    Training material
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