Simultaneous interpreting
For audiences of several nationalities
Usually in a soundproof booth
Whispered interpreting = alternative for 1 or 2 participants

Consecutive interpreting
Interpreting is done after the speaker intervenes
Used for 1 or 2 languages

Liaison interpreting
For informal events: business meetings, on-site tours
Interpreter memorizes what the speaker says and then translates orally

Dubbing and subtitling
Translation for recording voices in another language (dubbing)
Subtitling: less expensive, but must be synchronized
Voice over: translation of a commentary

Premium services with experienced interpreters

Based on the language and subject matter, we select the interpreter who is right for your event. An interpreter’s mission is to translate a presentation, speech or interview orally. He or she prepares his or her presentation based on the information we provide and from any other documents or reference material that you are able to send us.
Interpreting is a very demanding job: it not only requires excellent language skills, but also great cultural knowledge and communication skills. We only work with certified and experienced professionals.

Careful preparation is the key to a successful mission

To make your conference or event a success, interpreters need time to prepare. All documents that you can provide are useful: summary of the context, brief history, technical documentation, website links, etc.
Providing documentation in advance allows the interpreter to study the context and issues and mentally prepare for an intervention that requires a lot of concentration and knowledge of the subject matter. On the day of the event, the interpreter is in a better position to become “transparent”.

Personalized services

Depending on the context, number of participants and location of your event, we can help you choose the option that is right for you.
Whispered interpreting is appropriate for a single listener. Simultaneous interpreting is discreet and very efficient, but requires special equipment. Consecutive interpreting is cost-effective and perfect for smaller meetings.
We take care of the portable and stationary equipment required and make sure that the interpreter is in the right place at the right time. Videoconference interpreting is also available.
For longer events, we provide you with a pair of interpreters who take turns every hour to maintain a high level of concentration and performance.

Post-production and audiovisual services

We can record the interpreter (in the booth), which allows you for example to keep a record of the interventions or exchanges during a conference. We can also transcribe what was said during a seminar or meeting.
For your audiovisual projects, we can dub, subtitle or add a voice over to your videos.

An interpreter for every event

On-site visits, meetings, negotiations, training sessions, round table meetings, conferences, colloquiums, conventions, seminars, trade fairs, scientific experiments, technical interventions, trials, questionings, etc.